Apple picking

22 Sep

As a little girl I remember our fall event well. Our family and usually grandma, along with our dog would journey to the apple orchard. These memories include climbing trees, ladders, and all sorts of dangerous tools that seem to be ruled out from fear of an accident. I cherish those memories of driving with the back hatch open looking for the perfect apples. Fall has many great things about it, but for me apple picking is a high priority. It’s strange over the years how the traditions change, yet I hold tight to the tradition!

A humorous memory for adam and I from early in marriage includes apple picking. Our first year in Colorado I wanted to apple pick, it was tradition. So we look up the orchard and head out for our apples. We drove over two hours for these apples. We arrived at a family garage and picked apples from what felt like there back yard. We made a memory, and have our Colorado apple picking story to tell, and we kept tradition.

Today we ventured out with Renee and Tony to the orchards. Adam isn’t feeling well, so he and Mollie napped. We missed having him with us, and want him better soon! If I can’t have him with me Renee and Tony and Sam and the girls are high on my list. We had a lot of fun together and the weather held out for us. Today was full, but a blessing. I love having friends under my roof!







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