Falling leaves

25 Oct

Sometimes when we think about leaves it is negative. The added work, and time it takes to rake them can be a nuisance. As my mom mentioned today, you guys should rake these they are dirty, you don’t want that in your house. Only a mom thinks this way.

It was gorgeous today, sadly the end of the goodness (warm and sun). We raked and then played in the leaves. Do you remember those days? I have many fun memories of hurrying to get the leaves to the curb before the leaf pick up truck. These memories involve my brothers, my parents, the dog and tarps. WHen we were younger it was fun. As we aged I think it was mostly the boys who were grumpy ( or maybe me too) to get out of bed and beat the truck. I love the leaves. The colors are simply magnificent. The freedom to jump and play was a blessing to the girls today. Our bathtub showed the effects of that dirt mom mentioned. Thankful to experience the simple joys of today. Life could be so different.




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  1. Aunt Sue October 26, 2012 at 8:12 am #

    you last statement – so simple yet so strong. Life could be different. Thank you God that it is not. Love your strength, your resilience, your faith. Love YOU! See you SOON, please :)

  2. Tom Price October 26, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    We have a different system for leaves. The wind blows across our yard from the south west. This pushes most of our leaves to our neighbor. We are proud to share our leaves. It is not our place to interfere with the wind. On the other hand all of the rain runs down his hill and to our back yard so it’s a trade off.

    Kind of like the seasons; a trade off
    The leaves are gorgeous, cool mornings, warm afternoons then rain and wind here tonight. It is hard to get better than this. The falling leaves, accumulating clouds, followed by sunshine and crystal clear blue skies are all part of fall. We can always depend on changing seasons in nature and life. Even though the leaves are falling and a cold perhaps dreary winter might dog us later from time to time all the plants, trees, bugs and animals are resting up for spring when rain and sunshine water and warm the earth and out comes spring.

    No trade off in life,
    While our circumstances change, God is never changing, always there, love unfailing; be strong Armstrong.
    We love you.

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