Friday Night Light Debut with Family

27 Oct

Every Friday this fall has been cold, rainy and dreary. Not a perfect set up for this family to be at a football game. We are big fans of Papa, and he is a great coach, but we hadn’t made the plunge to endure the cold. It’s the final game of the season, and our cousins ( the Beemers) are here from Michigan. With a questionable forecast we ventured out to cheer on the Royals, and papa. An event like this is always more fun with more people!

The timing of our adventure was perfect! We enjoyed half of the game, and of course the cheerleaders, the band and a visit with coach papa and water boy Andrew. As we pulled away from the game the rain began to fall. We were very thankful for the timing of the rain and our arrival home. Along with that gratitude we are blessed by our visit this weekend with The Beemer gang. It will be a full house tonight full of many different creatures bundled up for some trick or treat fun. It’s refreshing to have multiple generations of family enjoying life together: Kura’s x2, Beemers, Armstrong’s x2.


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  1. Aunt Sue October 27, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    such a beautiful family….the mixing of generations! I love how close you all are and all the memories you have shared and continue to make. Extra hugs to the Beemers from me, please!

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