26 Sep

On a usual Wednesday night you will find adam and I sharing the couch with the computer watching our latest favorite show, Parenthood. It airs at 10:00 on Tuesday nights, but due to my old woman status, this is way past my bedtime. Tonight we snuggled up and enjoyed week two of ” our show”. There are many aspects to this show that are over the top, and yet there are elements of truth and reality to the show. My emotions can be all over the board while we watch. I have become attached to the families, much like I do when I read a good book, their lives seem real to me. It was odd to observe on television someone deal with a cancer diagnosis. It forced me to ponder those days for me. What did I feel? How did I respond? What did I do? It’s a blur to be honest. I feel God was gracious in allowing the treatment plan to be decided for me. There wasn’t time to talk about options nor were there options. We needed the chemo to work and remove all cancer cells, then we would have decisions. I sat with Dr. Petrus today, after blood work and realize again the gift I have in being cared for by a doctor that sees me for who I am and not a number. I believe my experience has been influenced by this truth in many ways. As Adam and I watched together a family process their “tv” diagnosis I think it makes us realize how in a breath life changes, and yet there has been so much good come from this journey, albeit a hard one. It has changed us! I will be anxious to see the fictional road the Braverman family journeys as they deal with cancer. If nothing else it’s great to have a reason to snuggle up on Wednesday nights again!

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  1. Aunt Sue September 27, 2012 at 10:24 am #

    your view of life will forever be changed because of your diagnosis. Even simple things like television/movies or a song will take on a different meaning because you will look at it through filtered eyes. Sometimes that perspective gets very annoying but other times it’s a unique view of the world that few people get the chance to see. Just ride each wave as it comes, and continue the snuggling!

  2. Jeanne September 27, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    I’ve been watching Parenthood too…Just catching up on the first 2 episodes late last week. Thank goodness for DVR.I thought of you as I watched and remembered sharing our thoughts on the show during workouts last winter. it’s wonderful that you and Adam can share that time together.

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