Special Aunts and Uncle

30 Dec

All of us have relatives, some more than others. I am lucky enough to have two aunts, and one uncle of which I adore. We have always had unique relationships throughout life. I have many fond memories, and hope to share a few. Uncle Ed, my moms older brother, is sophisticated and classy. I always desire to impress, but often my gaseous self and awkwardness are not quite that sophassy ( my own word). I can hear his voice now, ” nice one Allie”, in response to a belch on the front porch of the cottage. We have a way of enjoying each others presence when opportunities arise. I remember our many conversations about things we ” wanted” vs. things we “needed”. He has been more than generous to our family over the years. Our visits are few, but always enjoyable. He has journeyed this road with us and made known us he is lifting us up to our Creator. The tone in his voice,over the phone, reflects one of concern and compassion. I am thankful for him and my many stories I could share.

My mom is the middle child so we know why she is so scarred. Her little sister, whom everyone claims looks so much like mom, is my Aunt Tara. To me it’s generally just Tara not because she doesn’t deserve the title “aunt”, but because we are friends and it always felt right. She also lives out of town. We have seen a lot of her lately with all of the medical upheaval here. We welcome her visits but wish away the medical stress. Tara has always been someone who’s heart beat with mine. Her special gift through out my growing years was to bring her kids home for my birthday, just after the holidays. She/they were always my best birthday present. Tara and her family have walked with us both physically and emotionally. The first time down this road Tara was driving here when she learned the news of both my diagnosis and moms TIA. Without hesitation she was here to love and serve us. We have always teased and called her our live in maid… Because she works so hard, she is a natural care giver. They would both say being out of town family is hard, but they both do a great job of extending love and care for us.

Aunt Sue, I know you all think you know her because she is my faithful blog poster. Aunt sue is 10 years younger than my dad, but managed to have her first baby while my parents were having their last. We were the girl cousins, aunt sue had her kids reversed girl, boy, boy. Tara (cousin) and I had many childhood activities which we both enjoyed. We shared a love for our grandparents. Sue and her family are our local family. We always let too much time pass in between visits, but when we make time we are grateful we did. Aunt sue has pursued and prayed, rubbed feet and even provided the “cootchy cream” for my head shaving. Yes this sounds sensual, but its simply a fancy shaving cream. Don’t tell adam I told you, but he uses it too. The occasional drop by visit is a huge luxury to being local relatives.

After the holiday season many have stories of their annoying family, but i share with you my loving extended family. This is a snapshot of my family, there are many more relatives worthy of sharing. My life is full of people I am grateful for. Today I wanted you to hear about three people in my life who have journeyed with us like many of you. I challenge you today to be sure you tell your family the things you love about them. There are plenty of other people in the world to put them down and tell stories. Family is a gift, a gift filled with drama for sure, but regardless a blessing.




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  1. ace rocke December 31, 2012 at 6:28 am #

    You are very easy to love, Allie. I agree with you though that you are so blessed by these treasures in your life.

  2. Tara December 31, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    Oh Allie-how I love you and your family! I think it is so neat how, even though Aunt Tara is on your mom’s side of the family, I have always loved her and thought of her as one of my own aunts. ;-) . Thanks for sharing her with me all these years. Actually-you shared Grandma and Grandpa Clark with me too….we had some AWESOME Grandparents! Thanks for sharing this post. I got to share about you a little bit yesterday at church-love when I can brag on my family. Love you…

  3. Aunt Sue December 31, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

    Honored to lift you up in prayer. Wishing we had more visits – I need to do better at that – how many times have we said that to each other? :) I DO love how our families have interwoven over the years. It’s unique and quite a blessing. I love you, sweetie.

  4. Lois Ann December 31, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    Kuras’ and Clark’s — two wonderful families. Not sure they come any better! Love you all.

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