20 Feb

My other half is in the air flying home where he will be greeted with great excitement. Daddy’s girls are ready to see him, and I am quite certain Mimi and Papa will welcome his arrival. We couldn’t ask for better help when we aren’t able to fill our roles. We are blessed to have family and friends that are journeying with us. The outpouring of love for us has and continues to encourage us and embrace us with support. We are grateful, beyond grateful!

I am sad to let adam go, but so grateful he can care for our girls through these days. They need him more than I do at this point. I am confident that his heart loves me and cares for me and walks this journey with me, but our sweet girls need those daily reminders that “daddy loves you” and cares for you. His role comes with a lot of responsibility and a fast pace. Pray for him as he adjusts to their constant needs and demands.

As I pulled away from the terminal. I felt the Lord reminding me that this journey is walkable, because I have a Father who loves me and carries me. The Lord allowed me to hear that He longs for me to depend on Him for the things that I long for in Adam. He wants me to trust and lean into Him. He is walking with me. As I take steps forward today I realize this is part of the story, and He has asked me to follow this road. It is amazing how two weeks ago, today seemed blurry, but today it is clear. He is revealing His way for us as we need to know it.

Today I finished up the first half of cycle 1 of my “miracle drug”. I have two days off and we will start again for the second half. I feel well. I look the same, and continue to take a day at a time. I will be joined by Aubren tomorrow and we will tackle a weekend together in Houston. I hate goodbyes, but I realize now this drug is allowing me more time to think about much harder good bye’s.

This is a picture of mollie in some of her “valentine” presents from mom and dad. I hope it leaves you smiling!


3 Responses to “Transition”

  1. Heather Holody February 20, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    Your journey continues to inspire us all. Goodbyes are hard, but how lucky you are to have someone that makes it SO hard to say:) Sending love & hugs Allie!!

  2. Aunt Sue February 21, 2013 at 7:19 am #

    love the smiles from the girls….the innocence of a child who lives in the moment. It was wonderful to talk with you and I loved the excitement in your voice when you realized you were about to face time with your precious girls! Love you

  3. Tracey February 22, 2013 at 9:18 am #

    Mollie did make me smile! :)
    Glad you have a friend coming to keep you company and that you are feeling well. We continue to pray for your health and healing. I hope you have a good weekend! XO

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